About us

6G Finland is an active coalition of Finnish 6G R&D organizations to advance the impact of Finnish 6G expertise globally, build new international partnerships, and intensify national 6G development efforts towards sustainable and data-driven society enabled by instant and unlimited wireless connectivity.

Finland has a long and successful history in the field of wireless mobile technologies. Numerous successes have shown us the power of cooperation. It has – once again – led us to a global leading position, now in 6G research and development. The world’s first large-scale 6G research program, 6G Flagship was launched in Finland in 2018. Currently, Finland also leads the European 6G flagship initiative, Hexa-X funded by EU and plays a significant role in other 6G measures of the EU as well.

6G Finland is a national contact point of Finnish 6G know-how, and actively participates in 6G discussion both nationally and internationally. 6G Finland operates as a network to which new members are invited on a content basis.


6G Finland operates as a network to which new members are invited on a content basis. The network was founded by ten founding members.

If you are interested in joining 6G Finland, please send us an email to info@6gfinland.fi and we can discuss the options.